Letwin_red_tie_1In a letter to this morning’s Telegraph Oliver Letwin MP defends the record of the Conservatives under David Cameron’s leadership.  He highlights the fact that the "Conservatives won the recent local elections handsomely and have established a consistent lead in the polls for the first time in more than a decade".

In terms of the success of opposing Labour the Tories’ policy chief points to the fact that the Government has been forced to abandon its police merger and home information packs plans.  He also writes that the ID cards scheme has been put into "deep freeze".

Mr Letwin’s letter was prompted by Simon Heffer’s latest attack on David Cameron.  "I fear that no activity or achievement on the part of David Cameron’s Conservatives would be enough to satisfy Mr Heffer," Mr Letwin concludes.  Few could disagree with that part of Mr Letwin’s analysis.  Simon Heffer is surely the kind of critic that Mr Cameron’s advisers would need to invent if he didn’t exist.  For the Cameroons Mr Heffer embodies the bombastic Toryism that they are determined to leave behind.

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