Our esteemed Deputy PM may have been kept out of sight during last Thursday’s terror scare but he wasted no time  attacking yesterday’s statement on homeland security from David Cameron.  Mr Cameron’s intervention was "almost beyond belief" said Mr Prescott.  Meanwhile Defence Secretary Des Browne has accused the Tory leader of opportunism.  But, as today’s Sun Says, "David Cameron is entitled to ask awkward questions about the Government’s handling of the terror crisis."  For many years Labour did nothing about the growth of Muslim extremism in Britain.  In fact, the ‘Muslim leaders’ that Labour have chosen to dialogue with – as Martin Bright and Michael Gove have documented – have often been the more extreme representatives of Muslim opinion.  Labour is repeating the same mistakes that it made in the Northern Ireland peace process – flattering Sinn Fein at the expense of a healthy relationship with moderate Republican opinion in the SDLP.

Labour talks about a consensus on counter terrorism but that is a consensus they want to hide their failures behind.  A consensus at Westminster normally ends up as a conspiracy against the public and David Cameron was right to say what he did yesterday.  Labour are overreacting because they have long hoped that a reputation for protecting the public was one of their electoral trump cards.  They don’t like the fact that yesterday’s speech by the Tory leader showed they are going to face some stiff competition for being Britain’s principal party of homeland security.

A leader in today’s Telegraph criticises the alleged hastiness of David Cameron’s speech and accuses him of having "stumbled" into "a wholly predictable row by criticising the way the Government is combating terrorism".  The Telegraph’s criticisms are unfair.  Most of what David Cameron said yesterday – on a borders police force, for example, and a minister for homeland security – are settled Tory policy.  Yesterday, in the aftermath of last week’s plot, was a very good time for Mr Cameron to remind voters of those and other Tory policies.

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