ImmigrationgraphicsBoth today’s Mail and Sun highlight Labour’s failure to control immigration into Britain.

The Daily Mail notes that "it will take more than a century to clear the backlog of failed asylum seekers."  It bases this estimate on the fact that there are 400,000 rejected asylum seekers still living in Britain but that in the last year there have only been 3,500 more deportations than new cases.

The Sun, meanwhile, contrasts the number of actual immigrants with those predicted by the Government:

"One million migrants have poured into Britain in the past two years, it was revealed yesterday.  Of those, 427,095 were from ten countries which joined the European Union in May 2004.  Ministers had estimated that number would be only 26,000 — a rate of 13,000 a year."

Tory immigration spokesman Damian Green (who, on Sunday, called for restrictions on economic immigration from Romania and Bulgaria) is quoted in both stories.  Tory strategists have clearly decided to keep David Cameron away from the subject but deploy the home affairs team to debate an issue that is dominating the tabloid news agenda.

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