Deciding on who should win the Inaugural Conservative Movement Awards was the special purpose of the July survey of the ConservativeHome Members’ Panel and those results will be announced at an awards ceremony next month.  The votes of all 2,435 Panellists will decide those Award winners but the analysis below only reflects the votes of the Panellists who are Tory members (1,746 in total).

THE MOST INTERESTING FINDING FROM JULY’S TRACKER QUESTIONS IS A FURTHER RISE IN DISSATISFACTION WITH WILLIAM HAGUE.  The former Conservative leader, who was interviewed in the Sunday Times yesterday, enjoyed a net satisfaction rating of 90% in February when just 4% of Tory members were dissatisfied with his performance.  The number dissatisfied increased to 13% in June and to 21% by the end of July.  Although Mr Hague still enjoys a net satisfaction rating of +55% he is paying a price for authoring the delayed exit from the EPP and for his criticisms of Israel.

David Davis remains the most popular member of the shadow cabinet with a net satisfaction rating of +81%.

After going negative in May, Party Chairman Francis Maude commands a few more satisfied members than dissatisfied members (+5%).  For the first time in the series he no longer sits at the bottom of the league table, however.  Theresa May’s rating has fallen to just +4%.

DAVID CAMERON’S NET SATISFACTION RATING HAS ALSO DROPPED THIS MONTH (TO +49%).  79% of members were happy with his performance in June.  5% fewer members (74%) were satisfied at the end of last month.  The dissatisfieds rose from 20% to 25% over the same period.  The ConservativeHome Members Panel is probably picking up similar trends as YouGov’s daily tracking.  This is the first Panel survey since the hug-a-hoodie controversy, the EPP announcement and the stalled opinion poll progress.

DOWNLOAD a pdf of the Panel results.

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