Since his return from his holiday-in-the-sun David Cameron has been embracing some ‘politics of and‘.  Without abandoning his greener, gentler conservatism he has been emphasising some core vote Toryism.  First he re-emphasised homeland security over civil libertarianism, he then toughened Built to Last and he has now greenlighted a more robust message on immigration.

The Sunday Telegraph reports that "the Conservatives are to call for strict quotas on the number of workers allowed into Britain from Bulgaria and Romania when the countries join the European Union in January."  After the first wave of Central European nations joined the EU there was a massive influx of migrants.  Labour’s prediction of about 13,000 immigrants was exceeded by more than half-a-million.

Free marketeers welcome such immigration and the way it creates a competitive economy and keeps wage inflation down but some union leaders blame uncontrolled immigration for the rises in unemployment.  Polly Toynbee has said that "immigration is now making the rich richer and the poor poorer".  Julian Brazier MP has argued that immigration levels are contributing to "mortgage slavery, overdevelopment, congested roads, water shortages, flooding and overstretched public services".

The Tories’ immigration message is now in the hands of Damian Green.  Mr Green, on the left of the party, has been chosen to give Tory policy in this area a more moderate spin.  He recently began a series of roadshow events to consult on the party’s immigration policy.

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