Higher council tax rises, cuts in services and job losses for local people are some of the direct costs of Labour’s failure to control and measure immigration.  The Tory Chairman of the Local Government Association Lord Bruce-Lockhart has written to Home Secretary John Reid to highlight the problems facing local authorities – particularly in southern England.  Download REIDLETTER.pdf

The Daily Mail highlights the particularly acute problems facing Slough:

"According to figures provided by the Office of National Statistics, only 300 immigrants are settling in Slough each year.  But the local council says there are at least 10,000 Poles alone living there…

Since local councils are paid according to the number of residents living in their areas, failure to calculate the number of immigrants can lead to critical shortfalls in funds.  This leaves the entire community suffering as schools and hospitals are overstretched.  The LGA believes the arrival of immigrants could lead to a 6 per cent rise in council tax – which has already soared by more than 70 per cent under Labour."

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