Speaking to Radio 1 yesterday the Tory leader said…

  • He now uses his Lexus on everyday but Wednesday: "I
    just find it really helps me, otherwise I’d never get to see my family
    I’d never get my work done – I can get a huge amount of it done in the
    back of the car."
  • About the car following his bike:
    "That did happen once or twice and I’ve now made sure that it will
    never happen again … I have a huge amount of paperwork that I carry
    to work with me. I now make sure that when I do bicycle on a Wednesday,
    no car follows me. If I have papers to carry they go in a pannier on my
    bike and I can promise you that will never happen again."
  • Businesses can help cyclists: "There’s
    something businesses can all do there to help, you know if more
    businesses installed more showers at work then more people would would
    be able to bicycle, so everybody should be thinking what can I do to
    help with the issue of climate change."

More on BBC Online.

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