The revised version of the Party’s statement of beliefs, Built to Last, has been released today.

This newer and larger version (see the original version) reflects the most common criticisms raised by Party members in the consultation process. This process included a "roadshow" and a Platform article, the lessons from it are summarised in this document.

The ballot of Party members is still going ahead but, as ConservativeHome looked at in June, there are different methods of voting – which should cut down on costs. Every member will receive two unique numbers which they can use to identify themselves when voting by either telephone, text, internet or post.

Speaking on Breakfast this morning, David Cameron emphasised the process had been about listening to and working with the Party membership, saying that he didn’t believe in handing "tablets of stone" down to the members. He also told the Today programme that Built to Last gave the Party a "sense of direction".

We will provide analysis of the document’s content in the near future, in the meantime this part of DC’s Foreword is worth highlighting:

"A revolution in personal responsibility – giving every individual the
skills, the resources, and the confidence to take control of their life.

A revolution in professional responsibility – giving all those who
work in our public services the freedom to fulfil their vocation.

A revolution in civic responsibility – giving our neighbourhoods
and communities the power to shape their destinies, fight crime and improve the quality of life.

A revolution in corporate responsibility – giving business the
encouragement and the incentive to help enhance our environment
and improve well-being.

That is the mission of the modern Conservative Party: a
responsibility revolution to create an opportunity society – a society
in which everybody is a somebody, a doer not a done-for.

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9pm update: Newsnight are asking: Is David Cameron Built To Last?

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