Conservative Home has learnt that the Conservative Party is likely to choose a tree image as its new logo.  The blurred image on the right (blurred not by design but because of the way it was transmitted to me) is very similar to the oak tree image chosen by 63% of ConservativeHome readers in June.  The party is holding a series of meetings during August with party workers to discuss the party’s rebranding.  The new blue and green tree design is likely to be well-received.

12.30pm update: ‘Ash’ – who submitted the four nations entry to the ConservativeHome vote – will be pleased to know that the logo will be slightly different for Wales and Scotland.  Scotland, for example, will probably have a pine tree logo.  Will Northern Ireland’s Conservatives get something special?  Or will they be forgotten again?  If there are going to be lots of logo designs perhaps the taxcutting, Eurosceptic right could get a Redwood!

10.30pm update: ConservativeHome’s logo exclusive was not acknowledged by tonight’s London Evening Standard when it carried a story on p2 (click on image to enlarge).   The LES story does conclude by quoting the wisdom of Tam Large, Graham Smith and Jack W…


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