Liam Fox has reacted to the secret "high impact" cuts in the army, revealed in the Sunday Telegraph, by saying the Government had
created an "untenable situation in which it was making ever-increasing
demands on the Armed Forces while failing to fund them".

Four months ago Gordon Brown promised an extra "special reserve" of £1bn to fund the ongoing peacekeeping missions, yet the Army has been forced to make £40 million of emergency cuts to its weapons and bases which a leaked memo said would cause a "severe impediment to the delivery of operational capability". The Army’s current deployments are said to be costing £1.3bn per annum.

The memo looked at a number of ways of saving
money, including cutting repair budgets for tanks and artillery, closing several bases,
and reducing ammunition stockpiles for deployable units (see picture for more).


As David Cameron prepares to put his head above the parapet to talk about the Middle East, he might want to reinforce Conservative support for the forces. They need it.

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