The votes won by fringe Eurosceptic parties have appeared to deny the Conservative Party a number of MPs at recent elections and a report in this morning’s Guardian suggests that an anti-war party hopes to do the same to pro-war Labour MPs.

Reg Keys lost his son in the Iraq war and stood against Tony Blair in last year’s General Election.  He aims to launch The Spectre Party at the start of this year’s Labour conference.  Top targets will be Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett (Derby South majority of 5,657), Ruth Kelly (Bolton West majority of just 2,064) and Jack Straw (Blackburn majority of 8,009 including a large Muslim population).

With up to three or four years before the next General Election it is not clear that anti-war feeling will still be the potent factor that helped a number of LibDem MPs defeat Labour at the last election but it is certainly a factor that is being used in current American politics.  The anti-war Ned Lamont is causing huge excitement in Democrat circles as he attempts to unseat Joe Lieberman as Democrat Senate candidate for Connecticut.  Just six years ago Senator Lieberman was Al Gore’s running mate but his strong support for George W Bush’s war has seen his support collapse in the Democratic Party.  Bloggers are playing a big role in the Lamont campaign – and not an uncontroversial one.

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