A few immediate thoughts on what is unfolding at Britain’s airports…

  • We must thank the police and intelligence services for apparently foiling a terrible attack.  Scotland Yard are talking of ‘mass murder on an unimaginable scale’.  This may restore public confidence in the police after the Forest Gate debacle.
  • The talk of new kind of liquid bombs is genuinely frightening (I’m flying to Australia on Saturday – at least I hope to) and may mean that security procedures at airports will need to be completely overhauled.
  • Within hours there’ll be pundits blaming the invasion of Iraq and Blair’s support for Israel for making Britain vulnerable to these attacks.  Let us remember the chronology – 9/11 happened before the invasion of Iraq.  Terrorists could just as easily blame action in Afghanistan for their evil.  They do not need excuses – they need to be defeated.
  • As the IRA used to chillingly warn – the targeted have to be lucky all of the time, the bombers only have to be lucky once.  The terror threat is going to grow and grow over coming years.  The world has always been populated with evil men but technological change means that devastating weapons technology has never been so portable.  Brown and Blair may be hamfisted on homeland security policy but they understand where events are taking us.  These issues are going to be very big at the next General Election.  Conservatives cannot afford to be/ look unprepared for the challenge of protecting the public…

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