Today’s Sunday Times Atticus columnn is not so sure about Andrew Rosindell MP’s recent decision to celebrate Winnie-the-Pooh:

"Would Winnie-the-Pooh vote Conservative? In a Commons motion to congratulate Pooh on his 80th birthday, Andrew Rosindell — a traditional roast beef sort of Tory MP — praises his “fine values”. But Pooh is really more of a modern, compassionate Conservative. Not only did he welcome immigrants to the Hundred Acre Wood (Tigger, Kanga and Baby Roo) and build a house for homeless Eeyore, but he led a celebrated expotition to the North Pole where he’ll have seen for himself the effects of global warming."

Earlier this year the MP for Romford was celebrating the return of Rupert the Bear to the nation’s TV screens:

"That this House wholeheartedly welcomes the return to
British television screens of the much loved Rupert the Bear with his
distinctive yellow and black scarf, red jacket and chums, after a
14-year absence; notes the timeless appeal of the adventures of Rupert
and his friends as fine examples of traditional British children’s
entertainment since their debut in 1920; further notes the important
portrayal within the animation of a youngster’s nature as inherently
good, with a love of adventure and the guarantee of a warm and
welcoming homecoming."

cartoon character would you suggest to symbolise conservatism/
Conservatism?  Wallace and Gromit for their small town values,
enterprising inventiveness and anti-crime escapades?  Paddington Bear
for his constant politeness?  Danger Mouse for protecting Britain from
external threats?  Pinocchio would obviously represent New Labour.

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