Ian_blair_1 The media have upped the ante on Ian Blair’s departure again..

Oliver Kamm, a blogger taken on by The Times for opinion pieces, said today:

"It is not a witch-hunt, but a response to a man lacking a sense of public duty, to demand that restitution to the de Menezes family start with Sir Ian’s dismissal."

And as he points out, he is hardly a civil liberty headbanger.

The Times and Telegraph editorial teams also turn up the heat:

"Sir Ian will no doubt be relieved at the lawyers’ inability to frame charges of criminal negligence. He should feel, nevertheless, a huge moral weight on his shoulders. There remain very real questions about the conduct of senior police officers in this affair."Times leader

"The Home Secretary, to whom the Commissioner is ultimately answerable, must see to it that Sir Ian is made to answer for the actions of his force."Telegraph leader

Who will replace him?

Deputy Editor