A LibDem councillor in East Hampshire has just defected to the Tories.  See ‘Alton (Herald) Today’ here.
District councillor Chris Graham said:

“I have a family, and I wasn’t
particularly happy about the Winchester MP. I feel he should have
resigned. “I’m happy to join the Conservatives. That’s the way forward.
They are good value for money. I still adhere to one or two of the
Liberal Democrat policies, but there is momentum behind the
Conservatives, and they have a very good chance of winning the next
general election and getting rid of the government we’ve got at the

That line is worth repeating – ‘Getting rid of the government we’ve got at the moment’.

In terms of unseating the LibDems across the south of England that may be an important insight.  As dislike of Labour grows we need to persuade natural Tory voters that there is only one sure way of ridding the country of Labour and that is to vote Conservative.  We used to say that a ‘Liberal vote is a wasted vote’.  What is the equivalent slogan for today?  One that will tell people that a LibDem vote may end up electing a LibDem MP who will then prop up a minority Labour government.  Ming’s ambition, after all, is "a 21st century dominated by the Left".