Guido ‘Four Mobiles’ Fawkes is still in France and last week he posted a picture of his blogging location.

ViewfrommylaptopOn Saturday I took a photo of my own favourite blogging location.  My home is just outside The Close of Salisbury Cathedral and I often blog from a wooden bench below Britain’s tallest spire.  I enjoy the view on the right whenever I look up.  I didn’t agree with Edward Heath on
many things but I share the love he had for this jewel of England – but not, unfortunately, an income to live within The Close’s walls.

Everything I need to blog is contained within the black bag you see propped up against the bench:

  • One 17-inch Mac (which I picked after entering a stalemate trying to choose between a HP Envy vs Spectre for the longest time) with a backup battery
  • One mobile phone (Blackberry)
  • One portable scanner
  • One Vodafone mobile connect card
  • One iPod
  • One FM radio
  • One digital camera
  • One wooden ruler and LAMY fountain pen
  • One tin of M&S mints.
  • Lots of cables.

It’s a mobile office that accompanies me to Portcullis House or to Starbucks coffee shops across the world.  If I lose that bag I’m sunk.