Betteroffout_2There are two ways of reading the answers that Tory members gave to ConservativeHome’s questions on the Better Off Out campaign:

  • One reading says that 63% of members either support or have sympathy for BOO’s campaign to take Britain out of the EU;
  • Another reading would emphasise the fact that 66% do not support the campaign – 33% for tactical reasons and another 33% because they want to see Britain remaining in the EU.

Roger Helmer MEP was in no doubt about the meaning of the survey:

"I am impressed that two thirds of Conservatives either support the Better Off Out Campaign, or at least sympathise with it. The case for "Better Off Out" is extremely strong, and I am convinced that support will rise as the campaign progresses."

Philip Davies MP – who launched the campaign – was equally pleased:

"This survey shows that there is a considerable body of opinion within the Conservative Party and across the country for Britain to leave the EU.  The MPs who are supporting Better Off Out are representing that substantial body of opinion. People are increasingly realising that our future prosperity as a Nation depends on trading with countries around the world such as China, India, the US and other emerging markets rather than being tied to a backward looking, inward looking protection racket propping up inefficient continental businesses."

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Editor’s note: ConservativeHome would be keen to publish a full argument for why Britain should remain in the EU.  Any offers to please.