Murdoch_on_cameron_4A few weeks ago we reported on an interview The Australian had with Rupert Murdoch, in which he warned Gordon Brown against holding a snap election, for the sake of dynamism in British politics (and perhaps so he could have an easier choice at the next general election). He has reiterated that position, as well as saying he likes Brown very much on a personal level. He is, however, sounding less keen on "very bright" David Cameron, the FT reports –>

June 28th

Australian interview: "Can you see yourself supporting David Cameron?"

Murdoch: "Oh yes."

July 21st

American interview: "What do you think of David Cameron?"

Murdoch: "Not much."

YouGov’s daily tracking has recorded a slight dip in support for Cameron since the hug-a-hoodie speech, Desmond Swayne’s leaked emails and the delay on the EPP. These things might have been on News Corp CEO’s mind when he went on to say:

"He’s totally inexperienced. He’s going around the country making speeches which…must be hugely upsetting to a lot of his older followers."

It seems clear Murdoch is deciding to be undecided. He is criticising Cameron for upsetting his "older followers" – presumably a reference to the "Thatcherites" – whilst remaining positive about our high-tax chancellor.

Deputy Editor