So welcomes a leader in today’s Daily Telegraph, pointing to ConservativeHome and Guido Fawkes as examples of a phenomenon that:

"democratises news and comment and gives expression to a range of opinion which often escapes the mainstream, metropolitan media."


The editorial team went on to recognise blogging as a "growing and influential pursuit"
taken up by half of
all under-25s. The paper with the most elderly of
readerships has been trying to develop its online presence
with more blogging
correspondents, podcasts, and a sleaker website design.

The role of political bloggers has been a hot topic recently amongst, well, political bloggers. A general article on blogging in the same paper reports that:

"The most visited blogs are devoted to political gossip and comment.
Once regarded as the home of amateur, "wannabe" journalists, they are
increasingly setting the political agenda."

We are increasingly recognised by the "old media" as more than merely a medium for rehashing their news and commentary, with the more influential and specialist blogs often reversing that cycle. It’s very encouraging that the Right people are at the vanguard of this movement.

Deputy Editor