Three ‘Mingsights’ emerge from an interview that the LibDem leader has given to The Spectator’s Fraser Nelson (not yet online):

1. Britain’s political heartbeat is on the left:
"I have always thought that the natural heartbeat of Britain is in the
centre Left." Sir Ming bemoans the fact that the left has been divided:
"That was one of Tony Blair’s great propositions: that if the Left was
not joined up, but at least in association, you can create a 21st
century dominated by the Left in the way the Right dominated in the
20th century.’" Fraser Nelson’s conclusion: "Conservatives relying on
his co-operation in a hung parliament had better start thinking of a
Plan B."  Unless, of course, David Cameron offers him a bigger position in the Cabinet!

2. Gordon Brown may cut and run in 18 months:  "I have put our troops on standby for an election in October 2007.  If Gordon Brown becomes leader next autumn, and gets an opinion poll bounce, he may well be tempted to seek his own mandate immediately."  David Gauke MP has raised the same possibility.  In The Spectator’s political column it is revealed that Alastair Campbell told Boris Johnson that Tony Blair will go in "a year and a bit".   

3. All the parties are agreed on Britain’s high tax burden:
When challenged on failing to offer any reduction to Gordon Brown’s record tax burden, the
LibDem leader says: "George Osborne is supporting these very high
levels of tax… Maybe it’s not quite Butskellism. But there has
emerged a kind of consensus that no one is going to cut the overall tax
burden. So we have been the first party to say “right, within that
there should be different priorities”.