This morning’s newspapers are full of stories that cover almost every aspect of the fall and fall of this Labour government:

Disunity: "The New Statesman magazine
will today question how long Mr Blair can last at No 10, with police
planning to present a report to the Crown Prosecution Service on the
eve of the Labour conference.  "Party officials talk openly about a
second conspiracy: a plot to oust Blair before the end of the year led
by the Parliamentary Labour Party, or even elements within the
cabinet," the magazine claims." (Telegraph)

Ineffectiveness: "A rise in young people carrying mobile phones and MP3 players is being blamed for street robberies and muggings jumping by 8% last year.  The latest crime figures include a 10% rise in gunpoint robberies." (BBC) and "Ministers have expressed "disappointment" at statistics showing fewer young people from poor backgrounds are going to university… The data for 2004/05 showed that while the total number of students from all groups rose, the proportion from poorer backgrounds fell from 28.6 to 28.2 per cent." (

Sleaze: "Lord Levy was last night facing fresh pressure over the peerages row after it emerged that he personally nominated his former secretary for an MBE.  MPs from across the political spectrum called for a probe into whether Jean Cobb deserved to receive the prestigious honour in 2002 for her ‘services’ to charity." (Daily Mail) and "John Prescott is facing a mild rebuke from the Parliamentary standards
watchdog for failing to register his stay at the Colorado ranch of an
American gambling tycoon and the gift of an elaborate cowboy outfit." (The Telegraph

Flip-floppery: A leader in The Telegraph lists some recent Government U-turns… on immigration, prison-building, automatic sentence reduction for guilty pleas, home information packs, marching yobs to cashpoints, no referendum on the EU Constitution, scrapping GP fundholding… we could all think of plenty more!

Weakness: "Why the shock over Tony Blair supporting Sinn Fein while at Oxford?  Surely making heroes of Gerry Adams and Martin McGuiness while prime minister is more serious." – Daily Mail.