A few weeks ago I posted about the possible power of YouGov’s new daily tracking polls.  More data has just been posted by Anthony Wells on his indispensable UK Polling Report blog.

Take a look at the data yourself but there are at least three trends worth highlighting:

  1. John Reid’s time at the Home Office is not endearing him to voters.  Since replacing Charles Clarke his positive/negative impression rating has fallen from minus 10 in mid-May to minus 19 now.
  2. The closer-than-expected Bromley by-election result has lifted Sir Ming a little.  His rating has risen from minus 22 to minus 16.
  3. The best news for the Conservatives, however, is that "the sharp drop in the Labour party’s reputation for competence" has been maintained.  Anthony concludes that "there has been a genuine change in peoples’ perceptions of Labour’s competence and it is this and disillusionment with Blair that has pushed them behind the Conservatives in the polls."  It is ConservativeHome’s strong belief that incompetence rather than sleaze will be Labour’s undoing.  Voters expect politicians to be sleazy but they hope they might be able to exhibit basic competence.  But as we are increasingly learning… LabourDoNotDo.  It is vital that as voters come to judge Labour for its incompetence the Conservative Party displays professionalism in the ordering of its own affairs.