NotallLabour’s attempt to paint David Cameron as an opportunist chameleon didn’t appear to work.  Plan B, according to today’s Sunday Times, is to portray the Tory leader "as a much more slippery creature — a floppy-haired estate agent."  Hazel Blears, Labour Chair, used the estate agent attack in a recent post for Labour Home:

"We may buy and sell our houses from estate agents – but would you put one in charge of the country?"

A Labour insider told The Sunday Times:

"Middle England hates estate agents and you can just see Cameron as one. He’s posh, floppy-haired, flash and full of chat. He’s willing to say anything to make the sale, but nowhere to be seen when the roof falls in.”

Charles Smailes – representing some of the nation’s 134,000 estate agents – damned the planned campaign as “derogatory and derisory”.  Mr Smailes suggested Labour might be taking revenge for estate agencies’ opposition to Home Information Packs.