BBC Online reports that John Reid is planning a "uniformed border-control force" at Britain’s air and seaports.  Earlier this week the Home Secretary had announced 8,000 new prison places to deal with overcrowding in UK jails.

A borders police force and more prisons places are settled Tory policy and John Reid’s catch-up interventions are further proof of NuLabour’s magpie tendencies.

ConservativeHome has described Labour’s inclination to adopt Tory policies as enabling us to "govern by proxy".  A host of Tory ideas have been stolen by Labour over the last decade.  The great problem is that they are invariably implemented ineptly or half-heartedly – discrediting the value of the original ideas. 

Shadow Home Secretary David Davis thinks the same pattern is likely with John Reid’s borders announcement:

"This is not just about uniform, it’s about powers and whether we use all the people: the immigration officers, the customs officers, and the special branch who currently work in the ports as a part of that force; or whether it is just about uniforms. If it’s just about uniforms, that’s just window dressing… What is necessary is a properly constituted and powerful border control police making use of all possible manpower to maximum effect to protect our borders and with it public safety."