Damian Green, shadow immigration minister, recently launched a six month roadshow on immigration policy.  He said he wanted to listen to all sides of the debate and a powerful contribution has landed on his desk this morning from the Cornerstone Group of socially conservative MPs.  Julian Brazier MP, writing in a personal capacity, has surveyed a wide variety of official surveys and draws this conclusion:

“Overcrowding is a key cause of many of the factors which are destroying quality of life: mortgage slavery, overdevelopment, congested roads, water shortages, flooding and overstretched public services.  We should do everything we can sensibly – and fairly – do to reduce the level of immigration to well below the level of emigration.  The first and easiest step in this direction would be to return to a much smaller number of work permits (issued to non-EU citizens), as occurred under all previous governments. We should also restrict them, as was always the case before, to highly skilled people.”

The analysis comes on day after the Mail on Sunday got hold of a leaked Government report on the effects of immigration from Eastern Europe.  The report, the MoS suggested, revealed "that every Government department has been ordered to draw up multi-million-pound emergency plans after being told public services face catastrophe as a result of the hundreds of thousands of Eastern Europeans pouring into Britain."

A full pdf of Mr Brazier’s paper can be read here.  For those with limited time the graphs in the paper plus the summary and conclusions on pages 14 to 16 are most useful.

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