As reported on Telegraph online, ToryRadio’s interview with Norman Tebbit, has revealed that the former Tory Chairman has some sympathy with David Cameron’s Hug-a-Hoodie speech:

"I think that although David Cameron is going to be dogged for years by the slogan "hug a hoodie", there’s something in what he was saying the other day which was extremely important.  It’s a question of what we do about it. Those kids, the hoodies and the others, on the streets, getting into trouble are there because of a break-up of families and lack of discipline in home and at school."

Lord Tebbit suggested that said that many teenagers wore hoodies in order to be "invisible" and therefore reduce the danger of becoming victims of crime themselves.

Movingly, Lord Tebbit also uses the interview to say that he regretted staying an extra night at the 1984 Tory conference.  On that extra night the IRA bombed the conference hotel and his wife, Margaret, was left paralysed.