Parris_matthewDavid Cameron receives varied advice from the press this morning and much of it is listed on ConservativeHome’s frontpage.  Of all the advice I thought we could dwell on Matthew Parris’ column…

Mr Parris thinks that the Tory leader needs to offer more "beef" to energise voters:

"Like much of Britain, Bromley has yet to get a sense of what Cameron Conservatism is for." 

For Mr Parris there’s nothing wrong with Mr Cameron’s attempt to modernise the Tory image:

"Ignore Simon Heffer in the Daily Telegraph: most potential supporters are desperately relaxed about huskies, tree-hugging, more women MPs, gay-friendly policies, cycling, recycling, open-necked shirts . . . the whole package. No problem. Jolly good stuff. Got to get with it. Be modern, and all that."

The Times columnist and former Tory MP thinks that David Cameron additionally needs to formulate a twenty word sentence beginning with “the next Tory Government will…".  This must be a sentence that voters must "believe, approve and remember."

What do you suggest…?  The next Tory Government will…