David Cameron hasn’t yet proposed many environmental policies but he has attempted to model a green lifestyle.  He rides to work on his bike and he plans to install solar panels and a wind turbine on the roof of his North Kensington home.  Those plans received the go-ahead this evening when Tory-run Kensington & Chelsea Council approved the installation of a turbine if it is of limited size and grey in colour.  After ninety minutes of deliberations the K&C councillors said that they would review the decision in three years.

Barbara Want, wife of BBC presenter Nick Clarke, had led some local peoples’ aesthetic objections to the turbine.  Ms Want gave an interview to The Sunday Telegraph last month: "These turbines cost £2,000. It’s irritating that it costs so much to show your green credentials. I’ve young twins and a husband with cancer. Do you think I’ve got time to be green?" The newspaper noted that wind turbines can cut energy bills by up to 33%.  Government grants are available to help meet the cost of buying a turbine – which can be up to £3,000 (see London Evening Standard scan above).