Tatler magazine has put the world’s 92nd most sexy man (and his wife) at the top of its list of most wanted party guests.  Tatler’s top five are…

  1. David and Samantha Cameron
  2. Tom Hollander and Dixie Chassay
  3. Camilla Al Fayed
  4. The Earl and Countess of Mornington
  5. Jefferson Hack and Anouck Lepere

The Daily Mail has the story on its website.  "A Howlett" left this comment under the article…

"I want him round here now, dinner or not! I want to tell him – in no uncertain terms – that this country is crying out for a proper right-of-centre Conservative government. Stop posing and flannelling, Cameron, and tell us what a Conservative government would do about mass immigration, crime and education. Stop being so insipid and tell us!"