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YouGov’s latest daily tracking of public opinion has detected a marked drop in approval for David Cameron.  As ConservativeHome reported at the time, YouGov’s daily tracking found that the Tory leader’s rating benefited from Labour’s triple whammy Wednesday and from the ‘halo effect’ of May 4th’s local elections.  His positive approval rating increased from +13 (at the time of the chauffeur-follows-the-bicycle embarassment) to +28.  His rating has now dropped back to +12, however.  The drop has occured since the badly-spun hug-a-hoodie speech, Desmond Swayne’s leaked emails and the broken/ delayed/ fulfilled (depending on your point of view) pledge on the EPP.

This has to be put in context, however: David Cameron remains much more popular than Tony Blair (-34) and Sir Ming Campbell (-15) but the party is struggling to breakthrough despite all of Labour’s sins.

Editor’s comment: ConservativeHome’s advice to David Cameron remains consistent – ‘Protect your right flank and move into centre ground territory at the same time‘.   This will give Project Cameron two vital ingredients – authenticity and breadth.