CollieryToday’s Yorkshire Post reports that David Cameron believes that Tory fortunes in the north are still blighted by "difficult decisions that had to be taken… in the 1980s" – particularly with regard to the mining industry.  Speaking to a lunch of regional political editors the Tory leader admitted that the party had still got a lot more to do to win back northern seats.  "These things take time," he said.

He argued that his top shadow cabinet team is very northern-focused:

"I wake up every morning and have a meeting in my office with two Yorkshire MPs, one on the left, one on the right – David Davis and William Hague. So there’s a very good North-South balance in the Shadow Cabinet."

His shadow chancellor also represents a northern seat – Tatton, in the north west.  None of these seats are urban, however.  That is one of the reasons why the party leadership has appointed a whole series of ‘shadow ministers for the cities‘.

Twenty Conservative MPs are also embarking on a programme of ‘immersion’ in community projects serving inner city or other disadvantaged communities.  Iain Duncan Smith is spending this week in Bradford with a project working with excluded children.

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