MorifortheftTony Blair’s popularity level has fallen to its lowest ever level in a MORI survey for this morning’s FT (subscription required).   67% were dissatisfied with Mr Blair’s performance and only 23% satisfied.  Fewer than half of Labour supporters are satisfied with the Prime Minister.

Tony Blair’s reduced rating may be connected with his resolute support for Israel over the last fortnight.  The improvement in the LibDem rating might reflect Sir Menzies Campbell’s aggressive criticisms of Israel over the same period (or it might simply be a reflection of Mori’s volatility).

The Tory lead in ConservativeHome’s poll of polls is a solid 5% again but CCHQ tacticians will be concerned to see that – for the first time in Mori’s polling – more people are now dissatisfied with David Cameron than satisfied.  Could it be a result of the hug-a-hoodie episode? has been running a competition to predict what policy surprise David Cameron might announce next.  Mike Smithson chose this as the winning entry:

“Gypsies to be the new environmental roll models. All towns and villages to provide parking space for travellers caravans free. Special dedicated parking space for Caravans in HOC car-park. All councils objecting to be fined heavily. Campaign to be known as “Let a Gyp kip”"