CfNominations have opened for Conservative Future’s annual election of a National Chairman, six members of the National Management Executive, and forty four Area Chairmen.

Likely issues to come up (again) in the campaign will be:

  • Whether CF should retain its unified structure or revert to two or three specialised organisations
  • How it can be a "truly national" organisation and less London-centric
  • The best ways of facilitating campaigning and socialising, and which should take priority
  • Whether it should diversify its funding base, with more budget power going to the NME
  • The turnout of the election and the extent to which ballot papers are sent to members

Caroline_hunt_1The responsibilities of the NME are currently
devolved into the six portfolios of: Deputy Chairman & Communication, Local Government & Campaigning, Areas & Regions,  Student Affairs, Events, and E-Campaigning. The
race for Chairman so far looks like a face-off between Caroline Hunt and Mark Clarke, but there will probably be others who throw their hat in the ring. Most of the Area Chairman nominations will go uncontested.
4:40pm update: Andrew Young, current NME member for e-campaigning, will also be standing for Chair.

August 14th – Nominations close
August 21st – Ballot papers sent out
September 2nd – Hustings in Manchester
September 8th – Hustings in London
September 15th – Ballot papers returned and results are declared

The successful candidates will not actually serve a full year as next year the process is being moved forward to June in a bid to avoid holidays and changes in student addresses.

Deputy Editor