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David Cameron’s standing amongst the Tory grassroots rose again in the latest ConservativeHome monthly survey of the Tory grassroots.  After April’s dip the number of people fairly satisfied (48%) and very satisfied (31%) rose for the second month in a row to 79%.  With the number fairly dissastisfied (6%) and very dissatisfied (14%) dropping to 20%, the Tory leader’s net satisfaction rating increased to 59%.

70% of Tory members think it very or fairly likely that David Cameron will be Prime Minister after the next General Election.  20% think it fairly unlikely and 6% think it very unlikely.  These figures are down on the figures first collected after David Cameron was elected but only very modestly so.  They were compiled after the Bromley by-election result and after last Sunday’s ICM poll which suggested a shrinking Tory lead.  A poll today – from BPIX – puts the Conservatives 10% ahead of Labour.

Tomorrow ConservativeHome will publish the more topical findings on attitudes to

(a) UK membership of the EU;
(b) Tory MEPs and the EPP; and
(c) the Scotland-England relationship.

* 1,519 members took part in the survey.  It was conducted on the 3rd to 6th July – a few days behind schedule.