100policiesAs the political news gets a little thinner over the summer months ConservativeHome aims to keep things ticking over by inviting readers to suggest policy ideas for the Conservative Party to adopt.  During August I hope we will start to regularly post your ideas and vote on whether they should be put in a book of 100 policy suggestions that will be presented to the Tory leadership.

The first stage is for you to email me with any policy ideas you may have.  I’ll then start scheduling discussion of policy ideas until 100 get the approval of ConservativeHome readers.  The draft policy ideas will then be posted on a Wiki-type site where policy ideas will be able to be amended and improved.  Sometime, early in 2007, we will then present this exercise in the ‘wisdom of the crowds‘ to the Conservative leadership.  This exercise is inspired by similar policy searches in the USA.

The policy ideas can be big or small.  You can advocate big policy ideas like a free trade area between America and Europe or the abolition of the Post Office’s monopoly.  But there’s also room for much smaller ideas such as greater investment in marriage preparation classes.

Each policy idea will need to be presented in the same format:

  • A summary of the policy idea (no more than 30 words)
  • A full explanation of the policy (no more than 300 words)
  • The political risks and opportunities (100 words)
  • Any questions that you would like ConservativeHome readers to help you answer about the idea
  • The cost of the idea.