Moriforsun_1Tomorrow marks the sixth month anniversary of David Cameron’s election as Tory leader.   On the eve of that anniversary a MORI survey for today’s Sun gives the Tories a 10% lead over Labour.  The Conservative Party also breaks through the 40% barrier in the MORI survey – reaching 41%.  The LibDems fall back 3% to just 18%.

The Conservatives now enjoy a 6.2% lead in ConservativeHome’s poll of polls.

Tory Chairman Francis Maude has welcomed the MORI finding:

"Under David Cameron’s leadership people seem more willing to give us a hearing.  One poll – or even a series of polls – isn’t enough, but we will draw encouragement from the findings."

Labour will be very discouraged that the announcement of the relinking of pensions and earnings has failed to boost the party’s standing.  Only 26% of voters told MORI that they were "satisfied" with Tony Blair.  67% said they were dissatisfied.  Tony Blair’s net satisfaction rating of -41% is his lowest ever.

10.45am addition:

I’ve now seen a copy of The Sun and a Trevor Kavanagh commentary will make grim reading for Gordon Brown.  This is what TK writes:

"[Gordon Brown] invented New Labour’s "tough on crime" slogan but won’t pay for new jails to house the ballooning prison population.

He is the Chancellor who made a hash of our pensions.

And he is the man who squandered taxpayers’ cash on an unreformed NHS.

While Tony Blair is portrayed as a glory-seeking company figurehead, Mr Brown proudly accepts the applause as the policy-making chief executive.

Now the chickens are coming home to roost…

And they are dumping all over Gordon on the way home."