If you needed any more reasons why David Cameron is right to take Tory MEPs out of the EPP you should see page 14 of today’s Daily Telegraph.  Alongside a questionable story suggesting that Cameron ‘will fail in plan for grouping of Eurosceptics’ the main headline declares…


This was the same Constitution that the French and Dutch voters rejected and these arrogant "EU leaders", remember, include many leaders of the EPP.  Tories should not be sat with politicians who have so little respect for democracy.  British Conservatives should, as Dan Hannan has argued, establish "for the first time in the history of the EU, a dissident group – an alliance of mainstream parties opposed to political integration".

I have every confidence since my posting of 7th June that David Cameron can be trusted to deliver on his EPP pledge and that he will overrule William Hague’s reported caution.   The Tory leader’s office has apparently been inundated with Eurosceptic MPs and grassroots activists demanding that he keep his promise and he has every right to be getting "testy" with the lobbying.

I agree with The Telegraph leader-writers that "authenticity" is an absolute requirement for a successful politician in the post-Blair era but was the EPP pledge really "the most important of his leadership so far"?  More important than the A-list?  More important than the ‘stability before tax cuts’ pledge?  More important than the ways in which he has repositioned the party on environmental and social justice issues?  The Telegraph is getting too excited and when it writes  that David Cameron will confirm "that he is a flip-flopping lightweight without firm principles" if he does not meet his pledge, it is in danger of reinforcing Labour’s chameleon spinning.