The Conservative Home Design A New Logo competition has been inundated with
literally several entries.  We intend to run the competition for a week or so
(or until we all get bored with it) at which point our panel of impressive
judges will select the final three for a knock-out poll among our readers. 
We’re not yet sure what the prize will be, but at least we know that one of the
judges will be Iain Dale whose must-read blog is also running with this story.

While we’re waiting for the actual winner, in true Big Brother fashion
there’s no reason why we can’t bat out time with pointless speculation.  So far
the early front-running idea is some form of Oak Tree motif.  So….
Is this is the next Conservative Party logo?
Probably not.   Please continue to send Sam your suggestions – and to avoid
chaos and confusion (which have no place in the modern Conservative Party)
please add suggestions and contributions to the original thread "That blue thing
with red flames

William Norton