For a couple of days after last week’s EPP row the press continued to run stories that suggested David Cameron might renege on his commitment to form a new group of Eurosceptic MEPs.  This morning’s Sunday Telegraph has now affirmed ConservativeHome’s ‘We will leave the EPP‘ post, however.

The Sunday Telegraph confirms what appears to have been at the heart of last week’s muddle: that David Cameron has been more determined to keep his EPP commitment than William Hague has been to keep it for him.  Melissa Kite writes:

"The Tory leader is said to be deeply dismayed at his shadow Foreign Secretary’s failure to deliver on the pledge, which was instrumental in garnering the support of at least 20 Right-wingers for Mr Cameron’s successful attempt to head the party."

David Cameron, it is reported, has now set a 13 July deadline to deliver his "rock solid" commitment to pull the Tories out of the EPP.

The Sunday Telegraph is enthusiastic about Mr Cameron’s EPP pledge – just as it was supportive, last week, of George Osborne’s approach to taxation (suggesting less Cameron-scepticism than is evident at The Daily Telegraph).  Patience Wheatcroft’s leader writers say:

"David Cameron is being truly revolutionary. He plans to give the EU something it has never had before: an Official Opposition… At present, every major alliance of European parties – Socialists, Greens, Liberals, Christian Democrats – supports Euro-federalism. Once Mr Cameron breaks the cartel and creates a bloc positing a different EU, the aim of ever-closer union will cease to be inevitable and become just one among a series of competing ideas. That is what the Euro-zealots fear; that is the prize within Mr Cameron’s grasp."

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