CameronandflagConservativeHome’s April survey found a sharp 19% drop in net satisfaction with David Cameron.  I noted, at the time, that the UKIP row, a negative reaction to the heavy emphasis on the environment and indifferent opinion polls may have contributed to the drop.  This month, most of that drop has been reversed.  75% of 1,604 Tory members polled by ConservativeHome are satisfied with David Cameron and only 24% are dissatisfied.  May 4th’s good local election results, improving opinion polls and strong positions on issues like the Human Rights Act may have helped Mr Cameron recover his standing with the grassroots.  The bounce back suggests that the controversies over the A-list and tax policy have not inflicted much damage.

David Cameron as ‘the regular guy’ continues to impress.  His appearance on Desert Island Discs was very well received by most observers.  Yesterday’s ‘Camerooney’ photo opportunity with the flag-on-the-bike will have certainly helped the Tory leader’s standing with white van man.

Later today the latest rankings of the top ten shadow cabinet ministers will be published.  The results of members’ attitudes to co-operation with the Liberal Democrats were posted on Tuesday.