There is a good article in this week’s New Statesman by Nick Cohen on the future of Labour.  Within the article the Observer columnist identifies some questions that the left needs to face up to.  Here are five of them…

  1. What do we do when the public spending boom busts?
  2. What services have wasted the money they were given and how should they be punished?
  3. What should be the constitutional relationship between England and Scotland?
  4. Will green policies that hurt living standards ever win mass support in a democracy?
  5. For how long will liberal leftists deploy cultural relativism to excuse the sexism, blood lust, homophobia and racism of the Islamist far right?

Some of those questions are very relevant, of course, to the modernisation of the Conservative Party.  Questions 2 and 4 stand out.

Other questions we might like to ponder…

  1. Now that we are ‘compassionate conservatives’, what are we going to do differently?
  2. We may not like Labour’s attack on ancient civil liberties but what will we do to pre-empt the threat of terrorism?
  3. Is it possible to fight wars in the age of 24 hour news media?
  4. If the Conservative Party does not take the lead in addressing the
    problem of uncontrolled immigration will a far-right party emerge?
  5. Is Brussels heading irreversibly in the wrong direction and is it time to consider leaving the European Union?
  6. A hung parliament looks very possible after the next General
    Election.  Will we work with the Liberal Democrats to end Labour rule?

What other questions do you think we need to consider?