David Cameron asked Tony Blair if Trident would be voted on in Parliament saying that Gordon Brown had supported a vote. TB blatantly didn’t answer the question, instead posing two of his own to DC about his human rights law proposals (quoting Ken Clarke for ammunition).

BlairandbrentDC then said TB was becoming like David Brent – "utterly redundant, he is just hanging around the office".

Jeremy Corbyn later asked TB – a former CND supporter – to scrap the Trident scheme, and James Duddridge demanded a straight answer to whether there would be a parliamentary vote.

Labour MP Ann Keen condemned Conservative councillors in Hounslow for apparently co-operating with a former National Front PPC.  Another Labour MP raised a similar point about alleged Tory co-operation with the far right but his question was disallowed by the Speaker.  It looked like Labour whips were coordinating ‘smear-the-Tories’ lines of questioning.

Menzies Campbell asked about Hamas and the Gaza hostage crisis. TB said Hamas had to be "committed to the existence of Israel and the renunciation of violence."

Using his last two questions to portray himself as an able international statesman, DC asked how confident TB was about the forthcoming Doha round of the G8, and questioned if cuts in agricultural protection would be adequate.

Deputy Editor