A leader in today’s Sunday Telegraph welcomes George Osborne’s controversial new approach to taxation.  "Mr Cameron," it writes, "grasps that his party has a reputation for recklessness, self-interest and incompetence with many of the voters he needs to convert to win an election."  It continues: "Of course, his message must be that taxes should be lowered when there is the opportunity. However, a significant portion of the electorate seeks reassurance that his party will not be cavalier with the public services that voters value."

But if Mr Osborne is reassured by that leader he should be concerned at a story in The Observer.  The Observer reports that the LibDems plan a 2p cut in income tax to be paid for by the higher levels of green taxation.  There was always a danger that UKIP would threaten the no-tax-cuts Tories from the right but this LibDem bid for the votes of overtaxed strivers should alarm the Conservative Party.

George Osborne told The Observer that "the Lib Dems are never going to be in a position to implement a Budget, so they are allowed to come up with all sorts of strange ideas… It doesn’t seem to be a very long time since they were proposing increases in income tax."

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