William Norton: "Following press reports that the current party logo was
to be replaced, Conservative Home last week launched its own campaign to suggest an
alternative.  We wished to demonstrate the wealth of creative talent to be found
among the wider conservative movement, and to rescue this story from the
sneering clutches of the BBC Today Programme.  It was also an interesting
experiment in the wisdom of crowds to
see what a large and diverse group of people thought (or, were prepared to claim
in public) represented the best future image for the Tories.

The response has been impressive, and has provoked a lively debate about
the image of the Conservative Party and the values for which it stands.  Whether
this exercise is approached as a serious re-branding project or as light relief,
the various submissions received on this blog, and on a parallel thread on Iain
Dale’s Diary
, covered a wide sample of written and visual submissions to an
exceptional standard and broadly broke down into a number of themes.
Just like the leadership election, the great and the good have whittled
these down to a short-list, and this is your opportunity to select the final
winner.  Each one is the submission which the judges considered best represented
a particular theme emerging out of the debate (and also just like the leadership
election – the judges’ decision on the short-list is final)…

(1) Representing the theme of environmental awareness and creative
Ted Coffin’s two dolphins

(2) Representing the theme of sturdy reliability and
inter-generational dependence
Krieg Barrie’s Oak Tree (v. close selection between several possible
finalists here)

(3) Representing the theme of
proud national diversity within a
single unitary state

Ash’s multiple-entries:
(4) Representing the theme of innovatively fashionable 1970s retro
(or, if you prefer, defiantly reactionary
M H Thatcher of Grantham:
(5) Representing the theme of social justice and harmonious class
"Something involving hands"
OK, so this one doesn’t actually have a picture: the judges’ combined view
was that hands made for a good subject, but we weren’t quite there yet with the
submitted images, and if this one wins the polls we’ll throw the competition
open again for suggestions on this theme.
You can vote by emailing

Simply type your choice of logo into the subject heading.  The choices are DOLPHINS, OAK TREE, FOUR NATIONS, TORCH or HANDS.  The result will be revealed at 9am tomorrow.