NorrisIain Dale has suggested that Nick Ferrari would walk the London mayoral race if he threw his hat into the Tory primary race (which Francis Maude described on this site on Monday).  Other possible candidates include Boris Johnson, Victoria Borwick, Angie Bray, Nicholas Boles and Steve Norris.  The clipping on the right (click to enlarge) from a recent edition of the London Evening Standard says that Mr Norris is unlikely to run again.  ConservativeHome disagrees with this assessment and expects the two times candidate to have a third go at defeating Red Ken.


ConservativeHome has also heard that former Met Chief John Stevens may be considering seeking the Tory nomination.  Some things to note about the 64-year-old Baron Stevens of Kirkwhelpington:

  • "In September 1989 he was appointed to enquire into breaches of security by the Security Forces in Northern Ireland known as the ‘Stevens Enquiry’. It resulted in 43 convictions and over 800 years imprisonment for those convicted."  [Taken from his Met biog].
  • He helped achieve a record 42% reduction in crime whilst Chief Constable of Northumbria from 1991 to 1996.
  • He is a big supporter of neighbourhood policing.
  • He described David Blunkett as a "lying, backstabbing bully."
  • He recently used his News of the World column to endorse the death penalty for cop killers.
  • During his time as London’s top policeman the Met invested huge energies in building better relations with London’s ethnic minority and gay communities.

Little is known of this committed Christian’s other political views.  Does he support the congestion charge?  What does he think of the tax burden on London?  How would he achieve a greener London?

What other big names would you like to see enter the race?