LabourHome is now a few
days’ old and I’ve just dipped into some of its early output.  It bills
itself as the website of the grassroots.  It looks more like it’s being
written by Downing Street…

  • To Charles Clarke: "When Ruth Kelly was mired in the
    "paedophiles in schools" affair, she went to Number 10, worked out a
    plan of action, had her people deal with their people and ultimately
    came out looking very strong.  When you were in the same situation, you
    bolted the hatches, refused to deal with Number 10 and tried to manage
    the situation from the Home Office… and ultimately failed." – Posted by Alex Hilton (but written by Mr A Campbell?)
  • "I was in Abertillery last week campaigning for John Hopkins
    and Owen Smith. It was good to be in Wales supporting two excellent
    Labour candidates.  The welcome I had was fantastic and the people I
    spoke to told me they were coming home to Labour this time." – A message from Dennis Skinner

Perhaps LabourHome needs a new name.  How about