Earlier this week The Times misread an A-lister’s employment at CCHQ and announced that a former employee of the government’s GCHQ spy centre was on the priority list.  The Telegraph announced that Pauline Latham was the first female A-lister to be selected for a seat – the seat of Mid Beds.  Ms Latham had actually been selected for Mid Derbyshire.  These are isolated errors but a confusion that is set to run and run and run is the media’s repeated difficulty at distinguishing between David Davis MP, the Shadow Home Secretary, and David Davies MP, the new backbencher for Monmouth. 

Davisordavies_1This is an earlier capture of today’s Mail website (since corrected).  The Mail attributed an article by David Davies MP to David Davis MP.  It was quite a big mistake as Mr Davies was advocating a controversial policy of arming householders with Taser guns (ConservativeHome covered the story at 0843 this morning).  If, as the MailOnline had reported, it had been the policy of the Shadow Home Secretary it would be a big deal.  Given that David Davies is determined to keep highlighting law and order issues I predict further confusion to come.  This could get interesting…