No time to post my own thoughts on David Cameron’s public service speech but – in response to Henry Edward-Bancroft’s request – here begins a thread for you all to pitch in.  Here is a key quote from DC’s remarks:

"The Conservative Party has always focused, rightly, on giving taxpayers value for money and reducing burdens on the state.  But in our legitimate desire to drive out government waste and improve public sector efficiency, we have sometimes risked giving the impression that we see those who work in the public sector as burdens on the state rather than dedicated professionals who work hard to improve the quality of people’s lives.  Anyone working in the public services could easily have heard a pretty negative message from my Party: “there’s too many of you, you’re lazy and you’re inefficient.”  This is far from how I see things."

Here is a pdf of the full speech
and a link to Iain Dale’s commentary on the pre-briefing.