CameronwithrossDavid Cameron is a brave man.  He may have triumphed over Paxman but could he beat £6m-a-year Jonathan Ross?

Jonathan Woss airs after the watershed and the first line of questioning concerned whether he masturbated at the thought of Margaret Thatcher.  Mr Cameron looked uncomfortable.

David Cameron recovered his fluency when talking about the open primary process for London Mayor and he jokingly invited Jonathan Ross to be the Tory candidate.  Mr Ross didn’t think that the Tories could match his salary.

David Cameron then reiterated his support for the Iraq war.  "I voted to go to war – I voted to get rid of Saddam – Iraq is better off without Saddam" was the Tory leader’s message.  It was the clearest defence he has made of the Iraq war since winning the Conservative crown.  He was very authoritative.

He then faced lots of questions on drugs.  "We shouldn’t legalise drugs," he insisted, "we need more treatment for addicts."

Jonathan Ross ended the interview by saying that DC’s hand movements were too Blairite.  The tieless Tory leader laughed.