The Sun is delighted at David Cameron’s intention to scrap the Human Rights Act and replace it with a new British British Bill of Rights.  The nation’s top-selling red top claims that the Tory leader is singing from its songsheet.

Other newspapers disagree about the wisdom of Mr Cameron’s plan but The Telegraph and Independent – coming from very different starting points – tend to agree that it is a half-hearted measure if it is not also accompanied by a willingness to withdraw from the European Convention on Human Rights:

"If the Conservatives stopped short of withdrawing from the Convention, the European code will still ultimately override domestic British legislation. Contentious cases such as those of foreign terror suspects under threat of deportation would still end up being decided in Strasbourg. If the Tory leader regards the present legal situation as an impediment to the proper functioning of the criminal justice system, it is hard to see how anything he is proposing would make much difference." (The Independent)

"While laudably keen to repeal the Human Rights Act, Mr Cameron has also set his face against withdrawing Britain from the Convention that inspired it, a logical contortion that leaves much to be desired in the "common sense" department.  The Prime Minister himself has acknowledged that the real source of the judicial perversion that has left him and his various home secretaries foaming with frustration over the years is the Convention, not the Act, but has shrunk from repudiating it. If Mr Cameron cannot show the courage to take his convictions to their logical conclusion by pulling out of the ECHR, he will be nothing more than a lightweight Tony Blair." (The Daily Telegraph)

"Mr Cameron’s criticisms of human rights law are very well made.  But his proposals for dealing with it seem to owe more to the impulse to strike a political pose than to produce a workable policy… Since the European Convention would still apply, whatever Mr Cameron’s Bill did or did not incorporate of it would be irrelevant." (Melanie Phillips, Daily Mail)

Speaking on this morning’s Today programme Mr Cameron rejected the idea of leaving the European Convention.  The Tory leader said doing so would send a message to certain nations that human rights were in some way incompatible with, for example, the war on terror.

Please also use this thread to identify what you would like to see in David Cameron’s ‘British Bill of Rights’.

Full text of David Cameron’s speech is now at